My visit was unbelievable. The office staff was courteous and helpful, treating me almost as if I was a family member. The dental staff was the best ever, from techs to the dentist. Everything was explained in detail after the x-rays were done, including the financials. The actual service was quick, painless, and results exceptional. I couldn’t be happier! Never in my 55 years have I experienced such a smooth, friendly caring, and competent organization. Being in the health field, I am keenly aware of how services should be delivered and again, this was truly an exceptional experience and one I would recommend to anymore.
Bruce Hoffman
Chief Compliance Officer
Universal Health Care Group


I waited for 10 years to have this surgery because I though it would be painful and have a long recovery. I have never been more wrong about anything. I had surgery beginning at 11am both times and never felt anything. I never required any pain medication after the Novocain. I had a regular meal the same night. I’m just sorry I waited so long. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hanookai and her staff. I recommend her to everything needing periodontal work.
William Hoffer


To the staff:
I have not seen a dentist in at least 3 years. I’m not saying that to boast, but it has always been somewhat of an unpleasant experience for me. That was not the case here. I must thank you all for your dedication, patience, and professionalism. I am very pleased with the outcome of your services and I would recommend them to anyone. I feel most compelled to compliment the compassion and competence that you displayed in dealing with sensitive matters. Although I may have felt slightly uncomfortable at time, due to the nature of dentistry and oral surgery, I never felt in danger; you employed skill and humor, quickly setting my mind at ease. You have truly given me something to smile about.
William Christopher Stephens


Dear Dr. Hanookai,

I felt compelled to write this letter following your kindest consideration of my particular circumstances and your subsequent outstanding surgery last Thursday. Even though I was very impressed by your office dynamics, technological sophistication and staff, especially Teresa and Danielle, I was still on the verge of canceling the procedure because I was afraid of possible complications.

I also wasn’t quite convinced that the procedure would be pain-free. However, afterward when I tried to remember any of it, I could not recall anything and still can’t. I don’t understand how that is possible but clearly your treatment method was completely effective. Additionally, the pre-op literature and post-op instructions reviewed in detail and in person prior to the surgery were comprehensive and prepared my entirely for home care. There were no surprises or questions remaining after that presentation.

Finally, I deeply appreciated your immediate response and invitation to return to the office when I began experiencing excessive bleeding due to a pre-existing condition. You patiently calmed my fears and provided helpful instruction. The follow-up call made by Teresa the following morning at your direction was yet another example of the exemplary consideration and excellent standard care you provide your patients.

I am very, very happy that you chose to perform this surgery for me because I do not believe that I could have received a higher level of treatment or vigilant after-care anywhere else. You offer far more than would normally be expected in health care today because you combine compassion and kindness with professional excellence.
Cassandra Etter


This is an outstanding dental office. The doctors are well qualified and responsive to our needs. The staff is warm and welcoming, it is always nice to see them. You can always feel that they enjoy their jobs. I feel realy cared for everytime I walk into the office. They are a full service practice, so my family and I can all be seen. We all have a great smile thanks to them!
Spud & Lara Murphy

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