Sedation dentistry, sometimes called “sleep dentistry,” can help patients who normally have difficulty with dental care to completely relax through their appointments. This treatment is ideal for those with dental fear or those who have difficulty becoming numb. Sedation dentistry can also turn multiple appointments into one single visit.

Patients will take a pill prior to treatment. Though completely relaxed, patients will be awake enough to respond to their dentist. Sedation dentistry reduces the body’s natural tendency to tense muscles while stressed. This can create a more effective dental visit, allowing much more to be accomplished while eliminating concerns about discomfort and pain.

IV Sedation

• It’s extremely effective for moderate to severe anxiety
• It’s quick-acting
• The level of sedation can be adjusted during the procedure so that you remain comfortable at all times
• In many cases, you can get ALL of your dental work done in one visit

During intravenous sedation (IV sedation/relaxation), an anti-anxiety drug is administered into the bloodstream to allow you to achieve a state of “deep conscious sedation.” You will not be asleep, though you will enjoy a heightened state of relaxation — and you probably won’t remember much about the procedure afterward. Your appointment will be like a dream and hours in the dentist’s chair will feel like only minutes.

IV sedation will put you at ease so you experience little to no discomfort; however, your dentist will also administer a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t experience any pain. At this point, you’ll be so relaxed that you’ll hardly even notice.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Los Angeles based periodontist, Dr Hanookai also provides nitrous oxide sedation as an alternative to oral and IV sedation. For our patients who do not want full sedation dentistry, but still want something to help them relax, nitrous oxide is often an excellent choice. The nitrous oxide acts quickly, provides a flexible duration and level of sedation, produces little grogginess after treatment, and causes no side effects- all while helping to take the edge off a patient’s anxiety.

Dr. Hanookai is board certified for IV Sedation and Oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide sedation.

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